Kask Protone Road Cycling Helmet Review

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Kask Protone Road Cycling Helmet Review


Kask Protone Road Cycling Helmet Review


In the modern day, people are spending a very busy lifestyle and they have used to a very tight routine. It has become really hard for them to even focus on themselves and most of them have forgotten who they really are because of this competitive world.


Another thing is that these people do not have time to consider about their health and fitness. Most of them are suffering from depression and most of them are in mental stress because of the work load they have in the office and other issues like family matters.


But in order to take care of your families and their futures, you have to stay fit and healthy. Specially, if you are in stress, it is necessary to fresh up your mind, because with a stressed mind, all the things you do can go wrong. Therefore it is crucial to keep your head clear.


One might ask how we can get out of depression and how can we fresh up our mind. Well, there are so many ways which you can make this happen. You can spend some lovely time with your loved ones, you can go on a trip with your friends, and you can do the things that you love.


When it comes to doing things that you love, there are many activities or hobbies that people love. Riding bicycles or cycling is one of those favorite hobbies which top the list. Not only this can release your stress, but also it will help you to maintain your health and fitness.


Cycling is something that people like to do regardless of age and gender. Bicycle is one of those first things that any kid requests from their parents. Most of the kids get a bicycle before the age of five. So Cycling is something that almost all of us have done.


When it comes to riding bicycles, there are some factors that we have to consider. The main factor that we have to consider is the safety. We all know that unlike any other vehicle, bicycles are very open for accidents because it is not covered like other vehicles.


If someone faces an accident while on the bicycle, if he or she has not taken any safety precautions, that person will definitely get hurt. Specially, when kids riding bicycles, there is a higher possibility for them to fall down from the bicycle. Therefore, it is really important to pay attention on the safety factor.


When consider about the safety precautions that we can take when cycling, there are few things that should have our attention. Wearing a cycling helmet is one of the main precautions that we can take. Nowadays, not only it has become a safety precaution, but also it has become a style for the cycle riders.


Many people have begun to use these cycling helmets while riding. Because of that, these cycling helmets have got a huge demand in the market. Taking these factors in to consideration, many companies have started to manufacture cycling helmets under different brand names.


But we can’t count on all of these helmet products because some of them are just made to make profits. We cannot expect the protection that we look for from those low quality products. Therefore, when buying a cycling helmet, it is important to go for a high quality product.


When it comes to selecting a high quality product, we should always go for a brand with a good reputation in the industry, because reputed brands always deliver the best. Kask is one of those reputed brands which have being manufacturing cycling products over the years and they have able to become the favorite for most of the cycle riders because of their innovative and quality products.


Kask has a wide product range of products and cycling helmets are one of their main product categories. When it comes to the Kask cycling helmets, there are a number of products available under this category. Among them, Kask Protone Road Cycling Helmet can be considered as one their best selling products because of the interesting and useful features integrated in it.


When we discuss about the features integrated in the Kask Protone Road Cycling Helmet, there are a number of features integrated in it to deliver the best cycling experience to the rider. Before moving in to the features, it is important to mention the importance of the design of this Kask cycling helmet.


This helmet was designed in collaboration with the Team Sky which is a Professional British cycling team. Therefore, this is designed in a way to maximize the aerodynamic features and to offer efficient ventilation.


This was manufactured with the use of best quality materials and the lightweight feature helps the rider to have a convenient ride on the cycle. This cycling helmet was tested in wind tunnels and the testing was a success.


When you are cycling, especially when racing, it is important for your helmet to stay steady on your head. The sleek design of the lid of this helmet minimizes the drag, so that the helmet will not move while you are cycling.


And the Octo-fit adjustment makes sure that the rider benefit from a perfect fit personalized to the shape of the rider’s head. This cycling helmet comes in twenty three different color combinations and therefore, the customers have the chance to pick their favorite from a wide range of colors.


So it should be clear that the Kask Protone Road Cycling Helmet has been designed with the use of the latest technologies and they have given a variety of choices for their customers to choose from. Given below are some of the other useful features integrated in the Kask Protone Road Cycling Helmet.


Unrivalled Protection


Kask Protone Road Cycling Helmet Red


The manufacturers have used the multi in-moulding technology when designing the Kask Protone Road Cycling Helmet where a polycarbonate cover has being created on the top, base ring and the back of the helmet’s shell. With the help of the inner polystyrene cap, the manufacturers have able to enhance the shell


shock absorption to improve the safety of the rider. This helmet is integrated with a strengthened frame that will reduce the risk of a shock and it will strengthen the safety factor again. According to the above factors, it is clear that Kask Protone has considered about the safety of the rider very well.


3D Dry Tri-Dimensional Padding


Kask Protone Road Cycling Helmet blue


The Kask Protone Road Cycling Helmet is integrated with a special padding which is based on an innovative multi-layered open cell construction process that deliver maximum comfort and performance to the rider and this process is powered by a series of technical features.


This also comes with several ventilation holes that minimize the head-to-pad contact surface by 70% compared to standard designs. A padding material with 5mm thickness is integrated and it removes the moisture away from the head. This also comes with a three-way evaporation aerator which will help you to keep your head cool without sweating.




Kask Protone Road Cycling Helmet Safety



In addition to the safety factors mentioned in the above, this helmet also integrated with a plastic internal sub-structure that maximizes the crash protection and it helps to maintain the helmet’s integrity after an impact.


Coolmax Material Padding



Kask Protone Road Cycling Helmet padding



This padding can absorb the sweat with its highly effective sweat-absorber feature and they are removable and can be washed easily.


Self-Adjusting Lateral Divider


Kask Protone Road Cycling Helmet divider



This lateral divider helps the rider to have a comfy ride because, once the chinstrap is locked the divider moves, so that the rider will have a comfortable fit around the earlobe. Because of this feature, no matter what the size of the head of the rider, the helmet will fit to any head.


Kask Octo Fit


Kask Protone Road Cycling Helmet octo fit



As mentioned in the above, this feature makes sure that the helmet will stay steady on the head of the rider. Because no matter what the shape of the head of the rider, the internal gel pads integrated in the helmet will allow it to oscillate through 180 degrees allowing a perfect fit on any shaped head.


Chin Pad with Eco Chinstrap


Kask Protone Road Cycling Helmet chin strap



This chin pad and chinstrap are made with materials which will prevent skin irritation and they can be washed as well. No allergies will be occurred wearing this chinstrap and it avoids the unpleasant sweaty strap feeling.


There are many more features integrated in this cycling helmet and riders can have much more benefits from this helmet when compared to other similar products available in the market. With the above mentioned features, it is clear that the Kask Protone Road Cycling Helmet offers many benefits and it can be considered as one of the best cycling helmets available in the market.


This helmet offers a good safety for the riders and you do not need to worry about the durability of the product as it is made with high quality materials. You can purchase this helmet for an affordable price from the market and it offers much more features which other products do not offer for this price range. Therefore, do not hesitate to spend some dollars on this product because it will give you a better safety while you are on your cycle.



Kask Protone Road Cycling Helmet Review




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